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Spilldam Oil Containment Booms are a quick response barrier engineered for deployment around spills. Our Oil Containment Boom solutions are suited for all kinds of marine applications. Booms are available for most water conditions.

Boom TypeDescription
Spilldam 4×6A compact, easily deployed containment for still or calm water applications. This highly portable barrier can be carried to remote locations and is an excellent first response boom.
Spilldam 180A compact fence style boom consisting of a flexible skirt and floatation units designed to contain spills in inland waters and protected harbors. The boom may be deployed from reels, trailers, barges or boats.
Spilldam Log IA sturdy, economical general purpose oil containment boom specifically designed for use in inland waters and protected harbors with low current velocities. Meets OPA-90 calm water requirements.
Spilldam I-CA heavy duty work boom designed for repeated deployment with increased strength provided by the addition of a top tension cable. This cable allows for an increase in drag force for longer towing configurations when a continuous length exceeds 500 linear feet. An excellent containment boom for harbors, marinas, rivers and as a first response in open ocean environments.
Spilldam Log II-CDesigned for outer harbor and open water containment applications. Manufactured with larger floatation and dual load lines to endure the punishment of rough seas and repeated use.

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