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Safety and Regulatory Buoys and Lanterns

Our safety buoys and solar-powered marine lights are currently in use as marine navigation aids in harbors and waterways all over the world. Marine navigation lighting and nautical hazard marking solutions are often needed when dealing with marine environmental remediation as well. If you have any questions regarding our Buoys and Lanterns, please contact us.

SLB700RB Regulatory Style 700mm dia. Marker Buoy

The SLB700RB Regulatory Style Buoy is made from strong UV-stabilized polyethylene, making it durable and long lasting, while still meeting the USA Federal, State and Local regulations. This buoy comes in a variety of high visibility colors; orange, red, green, white and yellow, as recommended by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). Not only does the SLB700RB have excellent buoyancy and stability, but comes equipped with an interconnected mooring and lifting eye for additional strength and flexibility. In addition, the vinyl constructed buoy has regulatory symbols/wording and self- sealing rivets for easy customization and attachment. Along with most Sealite Buoy products, the SLB700RB is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable products.

SLB1060 Spar Buoy

The high quality, affordable SL-B1060 Spar Buoy is ideal for marking hazards, mooring fields and channels in lakes and ponds. The Spar Buoy is made from an outer UV-stabilized polyethylene shell and filled with foam, making it virtually indestructible and unsinkable. An internal weight made from concrete provides stability, and its flat base allows it to stand upright for easy storage. The Sealite Sl-B1060 has a USCG approved reflective band for night time visibility, and is easily customizable as it is made from a replaceable vinyl ‘buoy wrap’. Colors are configured by purpose, as well as custom colors are available upon request. Not only is the 61 inch tall Spar Buoy suitable for sub-zero temperatures, but Sealite also makes an option for compatibility with the SL-15 or SL-60 solar lantern for enhanced visibility.

SL-15 Solar Marine Lantern

The SL-15 2nm+ compact LED light includes some of the most advanced technology to date, running with no intervention from an operator and automatic commencement at dusk. As soon as the sun begins to set the lantern turns on, using stored energy from daylight hours that have charged the battery. With the SL-15, there is no need for special tools or programmers, as a rotary switch allows user to change the flash character effortlessly.  The light also uses a tough, polycarbonate outer lens, which helps deter unwelcomed bird life attracted to it, all while still being environmentally friendly.  The completely waterproof seal allows for rugged activity and deep immersion capability, as well as a battery that is user replaceable for years and years of maintenance-free use. Also available on request is an optional on and off switch for temporary locations.

SL-60 Solar Marine Lantern

Compliant with U.S Coast Guard requirements, the SL-60 2-3nm+ solar light is made from tough and durable polycarbonate and uses high-intensity LEDS. Users can install it in mere minutes; it has no use for operator intervention as flash characters are easily adjusted as well as a built in on/off switch for easy storage. The light is charged by sunlight during daylight hours, with automatic commencement at dusk. The NiMH battery is sealed and easily replaced by the user, so disposing of the SL-60 is not necessary – this solar light is ready for years and years of service. Besides 4 user-adjustable intensity settings, also available for the Sealite SL-60 is the optional 200mm Bolt Pattern phase to suit installation requirements.

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