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Spilldam, Inc., offers a wide selection of oil and liquid absorbent products such as booms, pillows, pads, rolls, socks and sweeps.

We are constantly evaluating the cost and benefits of the latest technologies including, polypropylene, cellulose, cork, peat, and polymer based absorbents. We are dedicated to offering a variety of absorbent products in an effort that every customer can receive the most economical and efficient product to suit their needs.

New Product Line

Spill Kits

Response time is crucial when it comes to cleaning a fuel or oil spill on or near water. The faster you respond, the easier it is to minimize damage to the environment and avoid costly fines. This kit provides you with almost everything you need to become an efficient first responder.

Sorbent Pads

Versatile absorbent pads are available in a variety of sizes and thickness. Quickly deployed and easily recovered, they are ideal for any oil spill, small or large.

Sorbent Rolls

Adsorbent rolls can be swiftly deployed over large areas of land or water and trimmed to fit specific spaces.

Sorbent Booms

Adsorbent booms are designed to be linked into barriers of any length for containment and absorption. They are easily deployed and towed, and different sizes are available for a variety of marine and industrial applications.

Sorbent Sweeps

With its built-in straps, the adsorbent sweep can be drawn over the water surface to absorb broad sheens or surface spills.

Universal Dimpled Pads and Rolls

Universal “no-lint” dimpled pads and rolls are designed for aggressive and non-aggressive chemical spills.

Oil-Only Multi-Layered Dimple Pads and rolls

Oil-Only, multi-layered, dimpled pads and roll are appropriate for use in traffic areas and no lint applications. (Perforated Rolls Available)

Sorbent-Lite Pads

These lightweight adsorbent pads are the perfect choice for smaller spills.

Static-Resistant Sorbent Pads and Rolls

Static-resistant adsorbents should be deployed around flammable liquids and where static electricity poses a hazard. They are suitable for use in both arctic and desert climates.

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