SILTDAM Turbidity Barriers

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SILTDAM turbidity barriers are designed to prevent the migration of silt and turbidity from exiting a work area. Typical uses include; dredging, shoreline revetments, sheet wall or pile driving, aquatic weed control/harvesting, and marine construction activities. SILTDAM turbidity barriers are designed to accommodate a variety of wind, sea and current conditions. Our standard barriers offer the additional benefit of debris and oil containment at the water line with the use of 22 oz PVC oil boom fabric around the floatation compartment. The floatation compartment is completely heat-sealed, each floatation element is additionally heat sealed on each end to create a completely watertight compartment and prevent the floats from shifting.

Below the floatation compartment we install the skirt section to the desired depth. Skirt materials consist of either permeable, woven polypropylene geotextile fabrics or impermeable polypropylene and PVC fabrics. The barriers are ballasted continually along the bottom using galvanized steel chain. 

Barrier TypeWeightTensile StrengthPuncture StrengthTear StrengthEOS US Std. SieveFlow Rate
Silt Film Type I5.0 oz/yd²200-220 lb120 lb80 lb40-50 µ 300-425 µ8 gpm/ft²
Monofilament Type II6.2 oz/yd² 280-390 lb140 lb80-100 lb70 µ 210 µ18 gpm/ft²
Impermeable Type III5.5 oz/yd²300 lb120 lb125 lbImpermeableImpermeable
Impermeable Heavy Duty22 oz/yd²450-500 lb400 lb110 lbImpermeableImpermeable

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